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Concrete Flatwork

Affordable Concrete Flatwork Service in Las Vegas Henderson Nevada
Vegas Concrete Contractor Pros

If you are looking for a CONCRETE FLATWORK CONTRACTOR look no further! With decades of professional concrete experience Vegas Concrete Contractor Pros is the company for you. We have a wide range of skills to get your project done for you. Have you been considering an addition to your home but haven’t had the time to deal with contractors or are waiting for your bank account to let you proceed? Stop procrastinating on your next home improvement project and give the concrete professionals a call.

Concrete flatwork refers to any concrete being pouring on a horizontal surface, this is the bread and butter of OUR COMPANY. Every job is a little different and requires us to assess a bunch of variables in order to get the strongest concrete we can. Some of the concrete flatwork we typically do for our customers are foundations, DRIVEWAYS, patios, slabs, pool decks, walkways and sidewalks. All of these concrete jobs require a different approach and can be finished in a variety of ways. Reach out to us for a free consultation.

Decorative Flatwork

The benefits of using concrete to make your living space special has become easier with the innovations in the industry over the past few decades. Affordability being one of the main benefits, although the initial cost is higher over the life of the concrete is turns out cost less to maintain

Another advantage of concrete over lets say asphalt in a drive way is that concrete does not have to be sealed yearly to maintain its durability and curb appeal. The variety of colors is another benefit of using concrete as your medium, we use mineral pigments to create earthy tones that are appealing to any home owner.

The term DECORATIVE CONCRETE refers to all the patterns, colors, textures and other unique touches that can be added to the concrete. Using stamps to create the look of flagstone or brick cost half as much as using those materials making it a viable choice for homeowners. The technological advancements in concrete finishing has allowed it to take on a larger role in residential landscaping. Vegas Concrete Contractor Pros is committed to using the new innovations and offering them to our customers. Give us a call and lets talk about what we can do to spruce up your home. ​

Concrete Slab

Pouring a concrete slab depends on a number of elements to ensure the strength of the concrete. The concrete company has to be cognizant of the curing to make sure it develops the properties the mixture was intended for. While curing the mixture has to retain a certain amount of moisture in order to achieve the right chemical reaction that bonds the material. The temperature of the concrete controls the level of hydration it maintains. This temperature must remain the same across the whole of the concrete the was poured.

Each job Vegas Concrete Contractor Pros does has a different level of complexity that are considered when placing the concrete. Preparation is a substantial portion of creating a long lasting product that the homeowner can enjoy for decades to come. We focus on the minute details in order to achieve a quality product on every job we do. Give us a call today for a free quote or

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