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Concrete Floor Leveling

Affordable Concrete Floor Leveling Service in Las Vegas Henderson Nevada
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Concrete Leveling

If you’re having issues with sinking concrete, pitting on on your concrete slab, or maybe a concrete floor that needs to be leveled out, you may need some concrete leveling services. Concrete leveling can be either be helping a failing concrete slab from sinking, or refinishing a slab to make it useable for either new flooring of for a new look.

In order to level off a sidewalks or any concrete walk way service that may pose a risk to the public, you can level it off using a method that with drilled holes in the concrete, you can inject expansion foam and have the concrete slab themselves begin to take level. This method is less invasive than an entire slab replacement, and can save you thousands in the long run.

Similar methods than can also be used are called mud jacking, or slab jacking. Slab jacking is a very similar process, the difference in it is that the mixture used underneath is made up of both grout and foam, this becomes a harder material and some believe to be a superior finish over time. This method sometimes is used by advanced foundation contractors​.


Concrete Floor Leveling

When rehabbing old buildings or even in larger industrial buildings, it isn’t uncommon for floors to sag, crack and overall become disjointed or uneven. One method to handle this would be concrete floor leveling. Typically something like this requires a bag of Henrys floor mix, or even thin set for some small areas. These steps are a must if you plan on installing a new floor, or if you just want your industrial slab to be trip proof. Don’t take our word for it, hire a professional concrete contractor today!

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