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Concrete Slab

Affordable Concrete Slab Service in Las Vegas Henderson Nevada
Vegas Concrete Contractor Pros

CONCRETE SLABS not only add value to your home but have a myriad of functions to enrich your living space. SLABS are poured for driveways, sidewalks, pathways, patios, sheds, dog runs and much more. These are all common jobs that we can get done for you. Don’t hesitate to get a free bid.

We do commercial and RESIDENTIAL SLAB WORK, no job is too big or too small. We have experience with every kind of project and we look forward to getting your project done for you.

Concrete Slab Experts –

Give us a call to get some SLAB POURING at your home or business we will schedule an appointment for one of our concrete experts to come out and give you a fair and honest bid for the work that you need done. Some of our more common jobs are POURING SLABS for new sheds, adding RV access to your back yard, extending patios, adding walkways and extending driveways.

Some of the key components when POURING A CONCRETE SLAB is the preparing the area. Often times homeowners have CONCRETE that needs to be demolished before we can build our forms. Many times we are able to resurface the current concrete to create the look a customer desires.

Assessing the ground we are working on determines what course of action we are taking, sometimes the ground needs to be graded while other times it needs to be compacted to ensure that the concrete has a solid foundation to sit on. If the ground shifts underneath the concrete it can cause unsightly cracks and ridges that can become a hazard.

After we have assessed and prepped the ground we then construct wood forms that will ultimately be the shape of the concrete.

Depending on the customers wishes we can do a standard rectangle which is used more when the slab will have a function such as a SHED FOUNDATION. We can also round off the edges of the slab in order to create a more natural, flowing feel. These wood forms are supported by metal stakes to ensure that they do not move while the concrete is being poured.

At this stage of the process we will mix the concrete or have it trucked in depending on the size of the slab we are pouring. COLORED CONCRETE is a popular choice for backyard patios, walkways, driveways, fire pits due to its more custom feel. Once the concrete is poured into the wood forms the workers will spread it around evenly to ensure no air gets trapped which can cause cracking and deformation in the future.

To complete the slab the workers use a variety of trowels to smooth the surface and create the finish the homeowner is looking for. At this time we can use stamps to create a multitude of patterns, do the standard BROOM FINISH, etch in specialty patterns, add grit to prevent slipping and much more.

We have perfected our process over the years working in the Glendale area and would love to leave our mark at your home. Feel free to call and have one of our concrete slab experts come out and give you a free bid.

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