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Retaining Wall Construction

Affordable Retaining Wall Construction Service in Las Vegas Henderson Nevada
Vegas Concrete Contractor Pros

RETAINING WALLS are designed to, you guessed it, retain soil. These walls prevent erosion of the hills that surround your home or business. Not only do they act to protect your property but they can also be aesthetically pleasing as well. The different colors and shapes of CONCRETE BLOCKS that can be used to build a retaining wall are endless. CINDER BLOCKS are the most common when building a functional retaining wall because of their price and dimensions. Decorative blocks can be used to raise a flower bed, add an accent wall or to sure up a piece of earth near your home or business. Give us a ring to get yours started today!

Concrete Wall

You won’t believe how versatile a CONCRETE RETAINING WALL can be when designing your backyard. A bonus to having walls built into your patio design is that they can be used as seats when you are entertaining. A well placed accent wall can become a center piece of conversation for your guests.


​You can also use them to place flower pots on to bring your landscaping to life. Not too mention that they break up the yard making it feel larger that it really is. Little tricks like these are what makes a space feel more relaxing. A peaceful place to sit and enjoy good weather can be more valuable than any therapist, with the right team helping you the only limitation you have is your imagination.


Cinder Block Retaining Wall

If you are looking for CINDER BLOCK RETAINING WALL ideas you should pick up the phone and give one of our professionals a call. We have many years of experience constructing walls that stand the test of time. There is a lot of information out there about how to build a retaining wall but some things are better left to a RETAINING WALL CONTRACTOR Las Vegas Henderson Nevada.


You may be wondering what does a cinder block wall cost? We have the tools and knowledge to avoid any costly mistakes to efficiently build you what it is that you need. Our skills have allowed us to streamline the building process which in effect saves you money while also getting a high quality product.


We are patrons of many CONCRETE WALL COMPANIES that produce a wide range of DECORATIVE BLOCKS as well. With the vast selection at our fingertips we can find the concrete blocks that fit your eye and breathe fresh air into your back yard. Don’t procrastinate on your next project, dial these numbers to reach an expert that can assist you with anything you need.

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