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A Division of Fidelity Builders and Design
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Serving Las Vegas Henderson Nevada for Over Several Years
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Residential Concrete Services
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We know that starting any project around your home or business can be tough, especially when figuring out where to start. Let us come by your home and give you some professional estimates and knowledge that can only be gained in the field. We will work with you to make sure your project will be the product you have always wanted!

We are Las Vegas premier concrete contractor, serving Las Vegas and all areas between and around! Our crews are experienced in forming and working with concrete in all forms; concrete driveways, concrete steps, sidewalks, pilings, parking garages, concrete repair, foundations, stamped concrete, concrete patios and much more! Our goal is to always leave your home or property better off having worked with us!

No project too big and no project too small, we have the men and the equipment to make sure that no matter what the nature or scope of your project that we can fulfill it. Our team is always keeping up with the latest technological advances in concrete and masonry, this allows us to cut costs and stay competitive. When shopping around for the best concrete contractor Los Angeles has to offer, don’t forget Vegas Concrete Contractor Pros!

Finding the right concrete company to build an addition to your home can be a daunting task, but if you were looking for a concrete contractor in Las Vegas, Nevada your search is over! With decades of experience in concrete flatwork, stamped concrete, concrete patios, pool decks and much more. Vegas Concrete Contractor Pros is confident that we are the right company for your concrete project. Our concrete work can be found in Las Vegas Metropolitan and all areas. We have been serving the Las Vegas area for over 15 years and would like to opportunity to add something new to your home.

Give us a call or fill out the quote form on the page. 

Our company has extensive experience in working with homeowners to create the look or functionality that they are seeking. We understand that you are welcoming us into your home and entrusting us with your hard-earned money. These are a few reasons why we keep customer satisfaction at the forefront of our business, if down the road something with our work becomes out of place we will come out and fix it free of cost. 

No concrete job is too big or too small for  Vegas Concrete Contractor Pros, and we will make sure that it is done right the first time. Give us a call for a free consultation and bid.

CALL Vegas Concrete Contractor Pros TODAY!


Concrete Services to Make Your Home More Comfortable

Are you looking to replace your driveway, lay a beautiful walkway to your home or install a patio or deck to enjoy in your backyard? We will discuss options like interlocking pavers, color stamped concrete, flat stone and brickwork to ensure you get the durability and aesthetic features that you desire. We also offer custom options to cover all of your concrete projects.

Concrete Services for Structural Repairs

We are here to help if water damage or other natural disasters have wreaked havoc on your home. Our concrete contractors are skilled in laying foundations and making foundation repairs. We will also build retaining walls if your sloped yard is responsible for flooding, mudslides or other problems.

Concrete Services for Optimal Functionality

A home’s functionality is crucial to a comfortable lifestyle. If you are caring for a disabled member of your family or if you need to make your place of business accessible, talk to us about installing handicap ramps. We also specialize in laying garage floors. You shouldn’t have to track in dirt and oil from your old garage floor. New garage slabs will provide a convenient place to park your vehicle and keep your home cleaner.

Get Started

Call us today to get a quote on your concrete project. We look forward to helping you make your home more comfortable and functional.

Solutions for your home and business

Concrete Driveway

Whether you want your house to have some pizzazz or you are in need of a new CONCRETE DRIVEWAY we can enhance your curb appeal in a jiff. People spend a lot of time at their houses so why not give it some flare!

Concrete Patio Contractor

There are endless ways to customize a concrete patio so that it fits your wants and needs. We can build separate seating areas where you can place comfortable chairs facing your favorite backyard view. Create your own escape with the professionals at Vegas Concrete Contractor Pros.

Concrete Walkway Contractor

Enhance your home with a CONCRETE WALKWAY that will personalize your living space. A walkway is just a walkway until VEGAS CONCRETE CONTRACTOR PROS comes in to make it jaw dropping. With our extensive experience we can create a custom look that will revive any old concrete you may have.

Concrete Pool Deck Contractor

The most fantastic portion of life is spent having fun with friends and family, reminiscing about past years while also making new memories. Many memories can be traced back to time spent around the pool splashing and playing. Vegas Concrete Contractor Pros has been building, rebuilding, re-coating, repairing, removing, repainting, remodeling, and resurfacing all different types of commercial and RESIDENTAL POOL DECKS.

Foundations and Retaining Walls

The integrity of a property’s foundations and retaining walls must begin with careful planning so as to avoid compromising the structure’s appearance, safety and security. Vegas Concrete Contractor Pros Inc. is more than qualified to perform this work and will make sure it gets done right the first time to save you money on costly future repairs.

Garage Floor Concrete

Garage floors withstand the most weight and wear of any concrete surfaces you own. They are contaminated by road salt, motor oil and gasoline, and they support the weight of your vehicles. This is why it is important to have a concrete slab for your garage that has been properly prepared and installed. Vegas Concrete Contractor Pros wants to make your garage floor last, even under the most destructive conditions.

CALL Vegas Concrete Contractor Pros TODAY!

Foundation Problems – Foundation Cracks – Settlement – Foundation Heave – Expansive Soil – Crack Stitching – Floor Leveling

Why Choose us?

When you have all the variety of Vegas Concrete Contractor Pros provides you, you pretty much have your pick of the litter. But when you choose Vegas Concrete Contractor Pros, you are choosing over 20 years of experience and network of resources to make sure that whatever your concrete needs are, we will not only meet them but we will exceed them. We can take on any project from a simply concrete crack re-grout, all the way to rebuilding and stabilizing a foundation, you need a concrete job done? Well then call the concrete contractors Los Angeles is proud to call their own.


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