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Concrete Pool Deck Contractor

Affordable Concrete Pool Deck Contractor Service in Las Vegas Henderson Nevada
Vegas Concrete Contractor Pros

The most fantastic portion of life is spent having fun with friends and family, reminiscing about past years while also making new memories. Many memories can be traced back to time spent around the pool splashing and playing. Vegas Concrete Contractor Pros has been building, rebuilding, re-coating, repairing, removing, repainting, remodeling, and resurfacing all different types of commercial and RESIDENTAL POOL DECKS.


​If you need a pool deck expert to consult with, pick up the phone and give us a holler (623)-526-2300  Working with a POOL DECK CONTRACTOR that you can trust is important. We pride ourselves on being the most affordable, honest, and experienced pool deck remodeling company in the Las Vegas area.


No job is to difficult to complete. With many years of swimming pool decks completed, we’ve worked on everything including but not limited to: stenciled concrete, slate, wood decks, decorative concrete, exposed aggregate, rock-salt finished concrete, stamped concrete, colored concrete, acrylic patterns, brick, tile, stone etc.


When you need your pool deck resurfaced, or remodeled call the best in both Vegas Concrete Contractor Pros.


Through the years of our pool deck construction we have learned what’s best for each client. Not only can we help finish a brand new SWIMMING POOL DECK for you, but a thorough consultation will be available.


Remodeling isn’t always easy. Pool decks, especially can be challenging because often times a new layer of concrete or masonry work must be laid to complete. Every job is different and presents unique challenges, but with our experience we can guarantee that we will take the necessary measures in order to provide you with a beautiful final product that will wow you for years to come.


Knowing all your options is a key function of a quality CONCRETE POOL DECK CONTRACTOR. Having the knowledge to educate the customer is crucial to creating the vision of the homeowner. Without our customers we have no work. Having a lasting impression in your backyard is important, and the highlight of any great backyard and a great place to entertain is a swimming pool. Pools come in all different sizes, shapes, and angles.  The process varies depending on a number of factors including material, size, location and space available. We create a custom plan for each of our customers. Once you contact Vegas Concrete Contractor Pros a specialist will be sent for an inspection and estimate will be given upon a survey of the yard. Still wondering what we can do for your backyard? Good, I’m glad we got you hooked. Pick up the phone and dial these digits to reach us

Pool Deck Construction

When ​we come in to replace an existing CONCRETE POOL DECK we start my assessing my issues the homeowner has with the construction. Often times salt water pools, which are tough on concrete, can erode the sealant used on it. If the concrete merely needs to be resurfaced. We often come across pool owners that want us to revamp all of the concrete around their pool including their CONCRETE PATIO AND WALKWAYS to make them all uniform. A complete overhaul of a back yard is our specialty. We enjoy designing and building concrete masterpieces with attention to detail in order to create something custom for the homeowner.

If a complete reworking of your backyard isn’t what you had in mind we can come out for a free consultation and assess your situation in order to meet your needs. Dial this number now and one of our concrete experts will schedule an appointment with you to help you decide what the best course of action is for your desired results.

If you have been searching for CONCRETE COMPANIES NEAR ME, look no further. Vegas Concrete Contractor Pros is the areas premier concrete contractor servicing Las Vegas Henderson Nevada

 and the surrounding cities. We are a no nonsense five star company that is focused and driven to build the highest quality addition to your home. Take a look around the city and you will see our stained concrete pool decks, stamped concrete pool decks, concrete texture and top notch concrete finishing. Do not hesitate to pick up the phone and let our professionals know how they can best assist you.

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